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My favorite section of another small sculpt that is only about 200 mm high.
I really must get on and do some better sculpture.
Im always in such a rush..
Time is the only way to get results .. There are no shortcuts.

The peoples work on this site inspires me alot.
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davidroman Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2008
very well done. i adore artistic nudes
artistic-nudes Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2006

I wanted to let you know that we are adding this image to our list of Favorites for a showcase of Artisan Crafts and Sculpture which exhibit a fine examples of an Artistic Nude. Thank you for helping to prove that nudity can be portrayed in a tasteful, artistic manner and does not equal pornography!

empty-bubble Featured By Owner May 17, 2006   Artisan Crafter
This is great, so soft looking... I thought it was a photograph initially.
Belilmalebridia Featured By Owner May 14, 2006
I totally love it. Umm and I wanted to ask what kind of clay are you using? The only available air dry clay to me is Das, and I hate it's quality
Linguslingus Featured By Owner May 15, 2006   Traditional Artist
Das is only good for making badly shaped balls.......One you might find there is Chavante.. they have a range of different types.
They do not "set" so you need to make a mould..
The best oven bake type i have used is called 'Sculpy' or "super sculpy' Its nice to work in..

Check some web info on them..

The one i use here is Called Newbound. but is a small Australian company so would be hard to find.
Good luck
Belilmalebridia Featured By Owner May 15, 2006
I guess I'll to have to wait better days to buy some goods stuff via internet. Most lithuanian art shops have just Das or some other chekish crapy air drying clay (and it actualy stinks a lot, I mean its very smelly) And the only polymer I found is russian children's polymer clay called Cvetik, wich comes in a box of 12 colors, and another is chekish Modurit wich is more like a chewing gum, so I have to constantly wet my hands in order not to smudge anything. The only advantage is that it comes in a white half kilogram bar whis is only about 10$. For student biologist, wich does not have a job it's rather expensive too.
MarlaSinger669 Featured By Owner May 14, 2006
this is.. wow!
reminds me a lot of Georg Kolbe, and his sculpture "die Tšnzerin".
very impressing!
Linguslingus Featured By Owner May 14, 2006   Traditional Artist
Thanks very much
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May 13, 2006
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